Posted by: Karen | June 29, 2005

A Break in the Clouds

It has been pouring out for the last few days, but the weatherman suggested that the gloom might lift yesterday evening, and I kept this in mind while I drove to running group last night. I packed dry sweats for the ride home all the same, and it was still raining when I picked up Dawn. It rained all the way there. It was still raining lightly when we headed out, but by the time we were out 5 minutes it had stopped altogether. It held off until we had finished our run, had a nice chat outside the store for 15 minutes, and got back in the van. Then it poured all the way home again.

Not only did Dawn have some newbies show up, some faster ones showed up too, and ran along together just ahead of Krista and me. Krista glowered at them and muttered that it wasn’t fair that they could just take off 5 years of running and then start back “nice and easy” on their first runs ahead of us! Yeah, well, I run the pace I run. I’m slow, I know, get over it 🙂

We ran the medium route that took us about 50 minutes, and my feet were good and tired by the second half. I did stretch out my stride and sped it up a little at one point for a few minutes. It felt good to do something other than the long run pace I’d done on Sunday. Lungs and heart were happy, left foot had a hard time meeting the ground gently.

Now, if I’d stayed at home because of the rain, I would have missed a great run.



  1. groovy times. way to time the run and avoid the downpour!

  2. Yeah, but when they got home, Karen, they collapsed on the floor. They’ll be hurting tomorrow. Nobody jumps right back into it.

  3. I’m with Jon. Two weeks off without any substantial running has done me in. I’m gonna be really slowwww tomorrow:)

  4. DO you have the dreaded skeeter bug on account of all this rain like we do?????


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