Posted by: Karen | June 26, 2005


I had planned on two loops of 10km (6.2 miles) today, but Linda talked me into running 11 km in the second loop. We actually ran a smidge further than that, and boy am I tired.

The last 7 km were hard work, but I made it. Slightly more than 13 miles, for the first time ever! I forgot to buy more gels this week so got really, really hungry in the second loop. Linda took pity on me and shared a Peak Freans chocolate orange cookie. DiVINE.

Legs got achy in the last quarter of the run, but no substantial pain anywhere, and I was able to focus on moving forward steadily.

Did I mention I’m tired?



  1. I was tired, too. So tired I skipped blogging and went straight to nap time. But I’m working on my post for today now.

  2. Sounds like you did good, Karen. No gels and just a cookie? Well, good thing you at least had the cookie. I’ve gotten the grumbly tummy on two occasions and I hate running like that. Did I miss something in the mileage though? You said it was 13 miles for the first time ever, but I know you’ve run a half before. Are you talking about training runs? Then that would definately give you the rumbly tummy before you are probably out there alot longer than in a race. Need real food then!

  3. Nope, never done a half. The longest I’ve ever raced is 16 km, and up until today, I’d never run much more than 18 km.

    Today was a training run, and it took us 2:47. I’m hoping to come a lot closer to 2:30 on race day.

  4. You should have no problems making your 2.30 goal on race day. You know you can do the distance now and the atmosphere on race day is really motivational.


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