Posted by: Karen | June 24, 2005

Soccer Mom Run

Soccer Boy had an “away game” last night in the south end of the city, so I scribbled down directions to the field, picked up one of his other teammates in our neighborhood and off we went. One of Soccer Boy’s other buddies likes soccer but isn’t on a team this season, and came along to cheer. This buddy is 14 and is one of those enthusiastic dudes that is always up for a hike, a round of hoops, whatever might be happening. When I talked to his mom about him coming along, I told her to have him wear his running clothes and he could come with me on a run before the game.

Instant running partner 🙂

Boy Next Door and I dropped off the Soccer Boys at the field a half hour before their game, as Coach prefers, and headed out. I suggested that we run out for 25 minutes and then turn around and come back. We’d miss some of the game, but the games take about 90 minutes to play, so we wouldn’t miss much.

Two blocks into the jog I realized that we weren’t far from North Glenmore Park, where I had cheered on friends running the Police Half in April. I made that a goal for our turn around point. Boy Next Door agreed heartily on our destination when I told him there is an outhouse at the park – he’d neglected to use the loo before leaving home. We reached it in 24:30. Am I good or what?

We took a few seconds to enjoy the view of the Weaselhead before hordes of mosquitoes reminded us we should be getting back. The run back had some slight uphill grades, but I worked hard and Boy Next Door kindly waited for me as I huffed and puffed back up. Ah, youth!

Nah, nothing to do with youth. I couldn’t even run a mile when I was his age. I’m in way better cardio shape now than I was as a teenager.

The soccer game had started late, so when we got back we’d only missed about 15 minutes. The second we settled on the damp, grassy field hundreds of mosquitoes attacked us and we bundled up like nomads. Boy Next Door got my sweat pants and two blankets to wrap around his torso and head. I donned my hoodie and wrapped the remaining blanket around my legs. One of the parents who was wearing a skirt got a bright orange garbage bag from her car and spent the second half of the game standing in it, with it tied around her waist. Quite the fashion statement, but it worked! Note to self: stash some bug repellent in the van, with the umbrella and sunscreen.

The game went very, very well. They passed a lot and controlled the ball well. Our boys WON, 5-1. Their first victory of the season. I liked the other team’s families – they were very supportive of their boys, and good sports. The game didn’t end until 9:45, but we’d WON, so I had to come through with my promise at the beginning of the season: Dairy Queen on the way home if we win. The boys dug into Blizzards, I had a small chocolate sundae, and I hoped their parents would forgive us for coming home past their bedtimes.



  1. Heh, heh. Ice cream after a soccer game. We used to have ice cream after little league when I was younger. Sigh. 🙂

    And you’re braver than I would be to have a 14 year old for a running partner. I’d feel so old huffing and puffing while the kid would hardly be breaking a sweat. 😀

  2. Uh oh! There aren’t any mosquitos during the Calgary Marathon, are there?? Hmmm…. sounds like a nice run, at least until you got to that mosquito part!

  3. Thats so cool, I love how you use your time to “get” in your runs!! Yeah those mosquitos are crazy here too. All that flooding,,,,think its going to be a long biting summer..

  4. No moquitoes, nope. none at all. They aren’t invited. Too small for a race number and chip, and they’re lousy volunteers.

    The city crews are out spraying in the next little while, and they won’t be so bad in a bit. Calgary has had quite a record amount of RAIN this month (search Calgary+flooding), and the Weaselhead, near where I was running, is a natural wetland.

    Out in the country they will be pesky, but not on the downtown streets of Calgary, where the races are run.


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