Posted by: Karen | June 23, 2005

Busy Week and Miles 9, 10, 11

Monday I took Soccer Boy to his game and happily rested in the lawn chair while he played. I even wore my office clothes and sandals, so I couldn’t be called upon to “run lines” – I do this on purpose, because I just know I’m not going to be able to spot off-side calls or figure out which kid kicked the ball out.

Tuesday I ran with the Gord’s group. Yolanda and Tracey ran with Dawn, in her starting-over group, and my usual buds, Krista and Linda had other stuff to do. Kelly and Fair Weather Tim kindly held back for me and we did a hilly run in the hot sunshine. (Note: Fair Weather Tim has informed me that he did run in the rain this weekend, so I can’t call him that anymore) It was at least 28C/82F and I was glad I’d brought my water. FW Tim barely cracked a sweat as he ran on ahead at the end, and he was wearing sweat pants and a long-sleeved shirt!

Yesterday I skipped work and went with my daughter’s Grade 4 class to Calaway Park, the local amusement park. We walked from 10:30 – 2 pm and thankfully didn’t go on any dizzying rides. I lucked out and got the timid group – had a lot of fun on the Bumper Boats! I put Katie down for 3 miles of running/walking towards her Strong Kids Marathon Mile.

Last night no soccer or running, but I did a stair and weight workout anyway, hauling stuff up from my basement to the garage. I’m selling lots of junk stuff intriguing items this Saturday – drop by if you have a few minutes!

Tonight we’re off to another soccer game and I hope to run during the first half of the game. It’s an away game, so I’m not sure of the terrain I’ll find, but I have a feeling I’ll be avoiding hills if at all possible.



  1. I’m looking forward to exploring your “intriguing item”. See you tonight.


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