Posted by: Karen | June 18, 2005

Long Run Lessons

Linda, Krista and I ran about 18 km this morning, in training for our Half in 3 weeks. We met at the Edworthy Park North Parking Lot and ran along the river to the Langevin (Edmonton Trail) Bridge and back.

Things I learned on our long run today:

1) Long runs feel MUCH better when I am recovering from a cold (this weekend), as opposed to getting one (last weekend).

2) Vaseline on your legs can keep them warm and dry when you’re wearing shorts on a windy, rainy day. I wore leggings and got too hot today at one point, but Linda passed that gem on to me and I think I have to try it next time.

3) Chocolate Hammer Gel doesn’t taste as sweet as Chocolate Power Gel, but I like them both, and they seem to like me.

4) Wild Raspberry Ultima powder in my water bottle tastes the BEST of all the sports drinks I’ve tried so far.

3) The Bow River sounds much louder and less peaceful when it is fuller.

4) That bump/blister/callous/bunion(?) on the side of my left big toe seems to be caused by my turning my left knee in when I’m tired. That would also explain why my left knee got achy in the last km last week. I can work on straightening that form.

5) Long runs are just better with Imodium in my system (and cooler outdoor temperatures).

6) My cadence for 30 seconds of the last mile, when I counted it, was 84 steps per minute, and we did that mile in about 10:35.

7) When it’s raining in my neighbourhood in outer suburbia that doesn’t mean it is down by the river, where we ran for over 2 1/4 hours, rain-free until the last mile.

8) I talk more on a long run when I feel better. Or is it that I feel better when I talk more?

9) I really didn’t need my jacket after all.

10) I am going to have a BLAST running this Half Marathon!


  1. Good lessons. But heh, you have fun in almost every run or race so this half will absolutely be no different. See ya Tuesday – rain or shine.

  2. Great post! I’m not sure I’d like Vaseline slathered on my legs, but I’m not as tough as you Canadians. Oh, just for the record, Imodium is my friend. 🙂 I took a total of FIVE before Eagleman (2 the night before, 2 when I woke up, and 1 just before the start) and that was juse about exactly right – did what I wanted, with no dire repercussions later on. Otherwise, in the heat I probably would have just exploded or something.

  3. mmmm…raspberry flavored sports drink? hmmm…that sounds tasty! it’s good to hear that you had such a great run. you’re right, your 1/2 marathon is going to be such fun!

  4. For some reason chocolate on a run is hard for me to take. I had a chocolate Gu once, but I think I liked the more plain flavors better. Yes, I am wierd that way.

    84 seconds sounds right on, Karen. Ideally, your cadence should always be the same, but your stride adjusts based on the speed. Good stuff.

    Your race is coming up so fast, but it sounds like you’ve been training really hard for it. I know you will do great! 🙂

  5. Running with others is definitely the way to go when on long runs. Good luck with the run in 2 and a half weeks!

  6. good tips, I myself, have never been able to get any gu down other than chocolate…..

  7. sounds great Karen, interesting thoughts


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