Posted by: Karen | June 15, 2005

Fresh Air Does One Good & Mile 8

Little Miss Sniffles and I got out for a walk yesterday after all. She hung out on the couch all morning, but the sun was warm and inviting, so after lunch we went for a walk. We walked a km away from the house and then turned down into a valley on the way back. She was tired by about 1.5 km, so we sat in the tall grass on a hill and just sat and enjoyed the sounds of bugs and wind and distant traffic. Then we made our way back up the hill to home, and had good naps.

I love naps. Oh yes.

After naptime I had a shower, took a couple of Dristan cold tablets and made supper. Grilled salmon, pasta with pesto, and peas. Soccer Boy did his homework, got ready for his game, and I dropped him off on the way to my running group.

I ran about 7ish km with the girls. A new Karen showed up with her camelback and ran on ahead while we huffed and puffed on a walk break across the 14th St bridge. We lost Krista at 10th St. on the way back – she found a bathroom and joined us later. Yolanda and I made it across the Prince’s Island bridge on the way back, and up 150+ curling club stairs.

The rain held off, the sun shone, and the stiff, cool breeze was just what we needed.


  1. why does your house sounds so peaceful when mine is…um…NOT peaceful.

  2. Naps. I need one now. In fact, I am going to take one:)


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