Posted by: Karen | June 13, 2005

Sunday’s Long Run

Life’s busy, but I need to blog about yesterday’s long run. Dawn and I met up with Krista and Yolanda down by the Edworthy Park Bridge yesterday morning at 8:30. Linda was no where to be seen, but it turned out she’d slept in and she cleverly found us later on by running in the opposite direction on the loop we’d planned to run. We ran East to Crowchild Trail, crossed on the pedestrian under-bridge and back alongside the train tracks on the South side of the river. This is about an 8 km loop, so in doing it twice we covered about 16 km or 10 miles.

Yolanda is just getting back into running after a month’s hiatus, so was happy to join us for the first loop and then head home. With Krista engaged to be married this fall, we talked about weddings and such. Well, Yolanda and I chatted – I think we started out a bit fast for a 2 hour run and Krista only filled us in on her wedding plans during walk breaks.

After we had one really long walk break at 20-25 minutes, we settled into 10/1 s except for Krista, who chugged steadily on ahead. In the total run we were passed by 3 trains, which reminded me to send strong vibes to Nancy, who was probably still competing at the time. I had told her to be unstoppable, “like a freight train”, and I put some of that thinking to my own efforts, as well.

Linda and I stopped at the biffy half way through for a much needed break, and sucked back some chocolate Powergels while we were at it. Yummy. I was reminded half way through the second loop that I was going to try taking some Imodium before this run, and HADN’T. It was a good thing we were running on the natural-park side of the the river! I was very efficient though – managed to keep my visit to the bushes inside a 1-minute walk break.

When I emerged from the bushes I found Linda further down the trail, picking wild roses to press for a project she was working on. I think she got some bigger smiles when other runners glanced at her flowers. Krista beat us back by a good 7 minutes or so, but welcomed us back to the popsicle stand with a cheer.



  1. Yeah for the popsicle stand!

  2. The biffy? And yea for bushes when you forget the Immodium.


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