Posted by: Karen | June 7, 2005

Rainy Run & June Challenge

June’s Challenge is to report on using all of your senses in your walk or run report. Don’t be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. The monthly challenge is issued by a Penguin (this year it is Dudley in Louisiana) and passed through the Penguin groups so everyone has an opportunity to try it and write about it.

It has been raining here with increasing steadiness and intensity since last Wednesday, and we’re looking at a couple more days of it. Small towns near swelling rivers are enduring evacuation warnings and orders due to flooding.

ORN & June Challenge: Krista and Yolanda and I showed up at Gord’s for our weekly run, even though it was raining. We ran over some bridges and under some, and one pathway was blocked by the swollen Elbow River. We were out for just over an hour.

I heard: birds chirping, the splat of my feet in puddles that I deliberately sought out to run through, my breathing, my friends talking with me, and the loud, rushing rivers that I ran alongside (the Bow and the Elbow rivers)

I saw: puddles, muddy river water, a duck, a family of geese complete with baby goslings being fed by a man, two gophers, two rabbits, some dogs, people taking pictures of the swollen Elbow, some cyclists, and some kids out with their parents and umbrellas.

I smelled: fresh, humid, rainy air. I noticed that I did not smell the drenched honeysuckle bushes or lilac blooms that we ran past. It was nice not to have my eyes running from my allergies to them.

I tasted: rain drops from a branch I didn’t see until it hit my face. The rain mixed with my sweat and tasted fresh and salty at the same time.

I felt: rain on my face, a tightness in my calves on the way out, how deeply I was breathing with my lungs, the swat of that branch I hadn’t seen, a stiff breeze on the way back, the steepness of the hill I had to climb to get back to the start, the coolness of water seeping into my shoes when I was splashing through puddles, and the splash of a puddle on me when a car drove though a puddle close to me.

I also felt a happiness and closeness with my running partners, and excitement at the prospect of joining them for coffee after the run.



  1. “the splat of my feet in puddles that I deliberately sought out to run through”

    Heh, heh. Some people never grow up. 😀

  2. Are you dried out yet? It looked pretty wet out there. I watched the news of all the flooding while I cycled inside where it was nice and dry. – Dawn (aka Wimp)

  3. Ha! I did bring along dry EVERYTHING to change into afterwards, including shoes. If I hadn’t had the dry clothes waiting for me I probably would have fussed over getting wet, but changing into dry fuzzy clothes after a wet run is the BEST.

  4. what a great idea, k! i distinctly remember some smells from yesterday’s run. i’ll have to pay close attention to today’s run and blog about all the senses.

    and puddles? not only are they fun to splash in, but it’s a cool word to say.

  5. Hey, you forgot the raspy wheeze from your asthmatic friend, or was I trailing too far behind…

  6. I love how you told about all your senses,, I really notice the smells when I run too.. I love the earthy smell,, rain,,, flowers… yeah i like it,, lol, thx for reminding us to be aware of what is around us…


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