Posted by: Karen | June 6, 2005

Miles 3 & 4 – Worm Mucking

The rain was very steady this evening, so there was nothing to do but suit up and get out IN it!
Rain is fun!
Little Runner and I didn’t get out for our mile yesterday, but made up for it tonight. After having chili for supper we put on hoodies, raincoats and hats, grabbed our umbrellas and went out worm mucking.
Why did the worm cross the road?
Little Runner counted up to a 100 worms before she stopped counting. I saw at least three more for every one she counted. Purple ones, pink ones, skinny, fat and squished. We admired how they moved and how squishy they were.

We also saw some pink flowers that I thought Dawn might like.
Not sure what weed this is...
Rain is not a rare thing here, but they don’t call ours the sunniest province in Canada for nothing. I was not raised on a farm, but all my grandparents were Alberta farmers, and I was brought up to appreciate moisture this time of year. We had so much fun jumping in puddles that we stayed out past Little Runner’s bed time.
Puddle Jumping
I have a movie of her jumping and running in the puddle, but have no idea how to load it. Advice welcome!

We did not run much, but we covered a fair bit of pathway. Put us down for miles 3 & 4!



  1. HOw “squishy” they were? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! 😀

  2. That almost looks like fun. As for the movie, it also depends on the size. But first you need to make a minor adjustment to your setup.
    1-log in
    2-select OPTIONS (along the top)
    3-select MISCELLANEOUS from sub-menu
    4-add the extension of your movie to the list of “Allowed file extensions:”
    5-upload as you would any picture file.

    See you tonight.

  3. I am LOVING that umbrella. When I was a child and out in the rain, I would pick up every worm I saw and put them in the nearest puddle. I THOUGHT THAT’S WHERE THEY WERE GOING!! I thought I was helping. When I found out I had probably drowned hundreds of worms in my young life, I was devasted and totally guilt ridden

  4. Sounds like fun! They were just going to die anyway, so what’s the fuss about a kid squishing ’em?

  5. Sounds like fun! They would just die anyway, so why not let the kid go mucking?


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