Posted by: Karen | June 4, 2005

Mile 2

It has been raining quite a bit over the last couple of days, but that’s good, because we need it. June is usually Calgary’s wettest month, so it’s to be expected. Rain is so much better than snow!

Little Runner and I got out in between showers after supper. We did the same route as last time, which might be more than a mile. I have to measure it with the bike odometer. She was keen on running down hills, but otherwise preferred to walk. When we came back through a big long condominium parking lot there were lots of puddles and she was quite excited to run between those! We both splashed until our feet and pants were wet. 🙂

We explored one extra, small hill before stopping at the school playground where she tried out all the equipment, except for the muddy slide. On the way back past a hill of wildflowers I pointed out what wild strawberry plants look like and challenged her to find others.

I must remember to bring the camera along on these miles!



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