Posted by: Karen | June 2, 2005

Morning Elephant

I don’t know how you early morning runners do it. You who just get up and out the door the second you open your eyes, wake-up-on-the path type runners. I got up this morning and took my elephant legs out for a quick half hour as Little Runner and I have a date at the amusement park tonight, and I’m racing Saturday. Not sure what good I did, but I thumped around on mostly the same paths I took Little Runner to last night. I walked an exorbitant amount, couldn’t catch my breath when running, and though I did add on an extra km at the end, didn’t feel strong, or competent or anything like it.

I did, however, feel good that I got my sorry behind out of the house by six, and the air was divinely fresh, cool and humid. Humid is a good thing around here – Calgary is a dry place. Now it is pouring out. There is even some lightning and thunder, and I’m all smug, sitting here in front of the computer, with my run, such as it was, done. 🙂



  1. Hey, a run is a run and a morning runis doubly so. 🙂 Rest now, Karen. Race day approacheth.

  2. And I don’t know how you evening runners do it! By 3pm, I am ready to stretch out on the sofa somewhere:)

  3. I have to agree wth Susan, Once 3pm rolls around I’m not going for a run I just know it. I hate running in the evening……the year to year run on new years eve starts at 11:50 and I have to take a nap in order to get there!!!

  4. I have to run before my body realizes what I’m doing. When I wait until the afternoon it argues: “You want me to do what? You’re a loony.” Best of luck on the Sunday race!

  5. Karen: Interesting post. I always think that I should roll out of bed and run early but never can get to it…mostly because my husband leaves so darn early for work and someone has to stay home with the kiddies. At least that’s what I tell myself. hehe. I could do it if I really wanted esp. in the summer. Then I could be all smug and done. kirsten

  6. You have every right to feel smug lol, enjoy it!


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