Posted by: Karen | June 1, 2005

Tuesday & A Few Hills

Yesterday was GORGEOUS and probably our warmest day all week. It was windy, but a warm, dry wind, and we’ve got cooler, wetter weather forecast for the next few days, so it was good to get out and enjoy it while I could.

I picked up Dawn a little late after welcoming the neighbor boy to baby-sit our Little Mermaid and dropping Soccer Boy off at his game, while Hubby finished up at his work’s golf tournament. What a busy family! Good thing nights like this mostly happen only on Tuesdays.

Although we made it to Gord’s before the run, I didn’t leave enough time to sign up for Saturday’s Run Walk n Roll 10k race, so I hope I can sign up at package pick-up Friday. Linda and I are going to race together. I won’t be trying for a PR. I’m going to have fun, and try to keep up with Linda.

Anyhoo, back to our Tuesday run. I started out with Linda heading East on 8th Ave towards Tom Campbell’s hill, with Krista and Kelly right behind us. When we got to the hill, Linda and Kelly decided to head back on the flat route and Krista and I opted to try and find a route that the skinny fast folks call “the escarpment”. Apparently we didn’t find the whole escarpment, as it has seven hills, and we really only went down and up about two. Two really big, multi-stage ones, but definitely two.

I felt strangely strong and powerful on the hills, and tackled them with confidence. It surprised me, and I liked it. If I had done seven such hills no doubt I would have been cursing under my breath, but it was nice to feel some heart-pounding exhilaration without having to really exhaust myself.

Upon cresting the second hill we found Dawn running along the top, and she greeted us with a big smile. She ran on ahead while we caught our breath.

Krista trailed behind me, but this was her long run tonight – she’d run 30-some minutes to get to the store. We were out 46 minutes together, and it was good. At one point when we were running together I remarked about her water bottle holder, which she seemed to always carry in her right hand. “Do you ever switch hands?”
Krista was definitely putting in more effort than I was. I should shut up and do the same.
“So, only when punching out smart-alec chatty running partners, then?”

The last 5 or so blocks I had to just buckle down and get the job done. I had wrapped my long sleeved shirt around my waist and just ran in my shorts and running bra. My pony tail was long and bushy, so it brushed my shoulder blades like a fuzzy duster as it swayed. I had to pull my cap down on my forehead so the wind wouldn’t blow it off. The warm, strong wind on my shoulders felt wonderful. I felt tired and yet strong at the same time. Challenged but up to it. Breathing hard, but it felt so good to reach so deeply into my lungs. Not sure why I like those mixed feelings together, but I do. Like salt and sweet together.

Tomorrow I need to get up early and do my run in the morning, as I’m going to the amusement park with the Little Mermaid’s school night in the evening. I wonder which rides she will be brave enough to try this year!



  1. yay for hills! sounds like a fantastic run, and yes, i completely understand the tired but strong feeling. thanks for the ‘taking the hill one yard at a time’ analogy…it really helped me through last week.

    have fun at the park!

  2. I like that feeling too. Those big hills on the trails. I’m cursing all the way up, but I feel real good at the top when I’m running smooth again and letting it all cool down.

  3. *chants* “Hills are our friends..Hills are our friends..Hills are our friends..” If I say it enough times maybe someday I’ll believe it. 🙂


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