Posted by: Karen | June 1, 2005

Mile 1

Our 9 y.o. Little Mermaid will be called Little Runner for the next while, as tonight we began training together for her YMCA Strong Kids Marathon. Over the next month and a bit she’ll cover 25.2 miles, and then on race day she’ll run her last mile to complete her marathon.

We did this last year, and we both had a LOT of fun.

Tonight’s mile entailed running and walking down to a path that is bordered by natural, ungroomed local flora. Lots of tall grass, wild rose bushes, etc. Today we brought home an abundance of buffalo beans and some purple flowers. We left the one sprig of bluebells that we found, for someone else to enjoy. We also found a large patch of blooming wild strawberry plants. I wonder if we can time it right to go taste one or two later in the month, before the birds get them all.

Little Runner wanted to explore several other paths, but I had other things to do this evening, so promised that we’ll save those for some of the other 25 miles!


  1. We started our mileage as well last night, beat the storm, Whew!

  2. that’s awesome, k! i’m so excited and anxious to hear all about her running experience!

  3. That sounds so FUN! I wish my girls were old enough! 🙂 You’re a great mom!


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