Posted by: Karen | May 29, 2005

Enjoy the Sunshine

Warning: long runs sometimes mean long posts!

Yesterday I think I got a little sun stroke running between the garage sales. I had a nasty headache in the afternoon that developed into chills and an overall icky feeling by evening. I hit the sack early and thankfully my sweet hubby tucked kiddos into bed later.

By this morning I’d had a good, solid sleep and got up in plenty of time to prepare carefully for my long run with Linda. I applied Body Glide and sunscreen in appropriate places, and loaded up my belt with cell phone, camera, and purple Gatorade. I picked up Dawn and we headed down to the Edworthy Park bridge to meet Linda. We were running kind of late, and then Dawn and I got talking and my autopilot brain steered my van down the Tuesday night route, instead of straight to the park.

Thankfully Linda hadn’t taken off yet, and Dawn set out to do her thing while Linda and I headed off at our pace. The Calgary Women’s 10k Race was taking place on the same pathway this morning, so we got to cheer on several racers coming back on the 10k route. Both Linda and I got a little caught up in the cheering and it was delightfully distracting. We both had to deliberately slow ourselves down as we found ourselves running a 10k race pace instead of long slow distance pace.

After we had gone out about 25 minutes we stopped for a walk break and I set my watch to beep at 10/1 intervals. I knew today was going to be a struggle after yesterday’s run and thought I would discipline myself better if I had a watch saying to me “only a few more minutes until the next walk break”. We came across a charity walk as we crossed Prince’s Island and headed towards Centre Street.

I was quite glad to turn around at Centre Street and head back, but it sure seemed a long ways back to Edworthy! When I whined, Linda told me to just “run along and enjoy the sunshine”. It was a good mantra to think on, but I was getting hot. I drank more Gatorade.

When I got tired and was having trouble keeping up, Linda took smaller steps and threatened to sing. She eventually had to make good on her threat and sang “This old man, he played one, he played nicknack on this thumb…” I picked up the pace. I wasn’t sure I wanted that song running round my head.

The next time I slowed down she sang “There were 10 in the bed, and the little one said “roll over, roll over”. I didn’t want to think of my nice, warm bed either, so I trudged on a bit faster.

At one point, when I knew I had slowed down and I saw her shortening her steps once again, I belted out “99 bottles of Gatorade on the wall…” and she laughed and chimed in.

Towards the end I started running on the dirt path next to the paved one, and felt I needed the strength from the earthy feeling under my feet. I thought of how much I struggled on ice and snow and frozen ground all winter, and tried to be grateful for sweet spring smells, leaves on trees and green grass.

Linda said what buoys her spirits is thinking of those who are too ill or injured to run, and those are the thoughts that got me through our last, really really long mile.

At the end Linda set the sign across from the ice cream stand as our finish line, and I was very, very spent by the time we reached it. We had done 10 hard miles in less than 2 hours.

I’ve run further and faster and felt better, but I am very grateful for Linda’s inspiration and company today. It was absolutely just what I needed.

I had a chocolate ice cream cone, sat and visited on a bench with Dawn and Linda, and took some pictures. I’ll have my pics up a little later, but Dawn has hers up and she’s done a lovely job representing our day.

Once I got home I whipped up an omelette to share with Soccer Boy, quickly changed my clothes and took him off to his game (didn’t get my shower until after supper!). The team played well today, and tied the team that beat them 8-0 a month ago. Yay team!



  1. Great post! I’m coming to run with you guys in June! Having said that, I’ll do it!

  2. Sometimes it’s the runs that really push us that make us appreciate why the heck we do this. Good for you.

  3. see…some of the race day magic was spilling over into your run! it’s near impossible to keep a slower pace when you see racers going by. linda’s songs sound like the really bad jokes i like to tell to my running partners. they’re awful, but they get you through the run!

    great job on the 10 miles!

  4. Good job on the long one, and keep up the electrolytes along with the hydration! šŸ™‚ Especially when you’re un-acclimated to higher temps!


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