Posted by: Karen | May 28, 2005

Garage Sale Run

Today was absolutely gorgeous and sunny outside, 20C/68F, and I headed out for a little jog around my neighbourhood. Today was also the day of our community’s “parade of garage sales”, so there were garage sales on nearly every block. I am not normally someone who goes out of my way to shop at garage sales, but today I used the sales to inspire me through my run. I certainly wouldn’t have run as long as I did if therehadn’t been “just one more” sale around each corner.

I did have an ulterior motive of sorts – I’m going to need a few things for the new house that don’t necessarily need to be new. In the end I talked myself out of buying anything, figuring that there will still be more garage sales after we move in July, and I really don’t need to buy more stuff to move.

There were tons of folks out enjoying the day. I stopped and talked to an old friend of ours while he tended to his lawn. At one point there was a woman and girl twirling a skipping rope for another young girl. Just before I ran by, the girl hopped inside the twirling rope and squealed with joy “I DID IT!” I smiled and applauded as I went by.

A nice thing about running on a sunny community garage sale day was that there were plenty of little tikes manning lemonade stands along the route. Even after availing myself of their services I was so hot by the time I headed home that I poured the remains of my water bottle over my head and neck. I’ve got a bit of sunburn, too. Time to start thinking about sunscreen as part of my pre-run routine.



  1. It’s starting to sound like you might have an actual summer there! Sounds like a fun run, too!

  2. Running through garage sales? I couldn’t do it Karen. I’d have to stop and buy something. Then I’d end up walking home because I had too much stuff to carry. Which explains why my basement if so full of junk. Just can’t resist some things. Old stuff mostly. Old victrola records. Man. I could buy 1000.

    Sounds like it was a good run, Karen. I think the eyeore attitude is gone.

  3. I grew up with garage sales. You can get some great stuff. Way to resist! kirsten


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