Posted by: Karen | May 13, 2005

Spring Shower

Last night my son had a 90 minute soccer practice starting at 6:30, cutting into my satellite-aired early showing of Survivor at 6. I had Hubby drop the boy off, and changed into my running clothes during commercials. Right after the show I parked the van at the soccer field in Ranchlands and started running. I enjoyed running past what will be my new house in July. There were a bunch of little boys having a bicycle race in our crescent.

There were sweet springy smells all over the place and I enjoyed seeing new green leaves and blossoming trees, daffodils and tulips. A little shower blew over and sprinkled me with gentle droplets, just as I was getting warmed up. The rain was barely enough to get the ground wet, but it smelled WONDERFUL.

I wasn’t exceptionally energetic, but I did go doowwwn and uuuup a big gradual hill from the NW to the SE and back of the neighborhood. It only took me 30-35 minutes, and I chatted with a couple of soccer parents I knew until the boys were done. I might try to get in another run Saturday, before my long run on Sunday, since this one was so light.



  1. “The rain was barely enough to get the ground wet, but it smelled WONDERFUL.”

    I love that smell. Its kinda dusty. Like the smell of pavement when its rained and then the sun comes out and starts to heat it up again.

  2. I will be sticking to short runs this weekend. But I did do my long bike ride today. The bike is here at the office. Took over an hour and a half to get here. I still have to ride home again tonight. ACK. I must be crazy.

  3. Karen, you’ve been upgraded to WordPress 1.5. Enjoy!


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