Posted by: Karen | May 7, 2005

Of Mothers and Days

No running content in this post at all. That will come later, after this weekend’s long run sometime later today or tomorrow.

I’m up at my mom’s (3 ish hours north east of Calgary). Mom mentioned that my blog was a little hard to find on the internet so I just made it her home page, and put the link into her favourites for good measure. She just brought me a chocolate pop tart and a glass of milk. Does she love me, or what?

Hoo boy, that pop tart is awfully sweet.

Did you know that today is Birthmother’s Day? I am a birthmother, and this year is kind of big for me, as my birth daughter turned 18 in March. I am very fortunate that my family and friends have generously supported the decision I made back in my teens, and that I have never been pressured to hide this important part of my life.

Ours is an open adoption, an my birth daughter’s family has very graciously and lovingly accommodated and encouraged contact and time together. It is still kind of an awkward relationship (mostly because both my birth daughter and I shyly get tongue-tied when together), but I am very, very grateful for the fantastic family that has lovingly raised her and included me and my family in theirs. My birth mother’s adoptive mom (I think of her as the Real Mom) is a role model to me, and I find myself thinking of her just as much as my birth daughter on days like today.

I am looking forward to Mother’s Day tomorrow. 18 years ago, this was a difficult time of year for me, but I’ve changed and grown since then. I am looking forward to spending time with my kids, my mom, her mom, and when I return back to Calgary, with my husband’s mom. I don’t plan on doing any cooking, laundry, or dishes. I do plan on doing a lot of hugging. 🙂



  1. That’s a lovely thing to share Karen. Happy birthmother day!

  2. Happy Birth Mother’s Day from an adoptive mom (in a transracial open adoption!).

  3. Happy Birth Mother’s Day from another adoptive mom in a transracial open adoption! 🙂

  4. Happy BirthMother’s Day! Wow! Kirsten

  5. What a beautiful post! Hope you had a great day!!

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