Posted by: Karen | May 7, 2005

Long Run

Woohoo! I ran 18.6 km today – in a row! One right after the other! First I did one loop on mostly gravel roads, that I estimated was about 8 km. That took me just over an hour. I stopped into the house for a potty break and dropped off my outer windshell and then hit the pavement for an out and back to a nearby small town on the highway. I felt pretty good, especially in the first half of the second hour. There was one point where I completely skipped a walk break and just kept on chugging along with a good rhythm. I took walk breaks approximately every 12 minutes or one mile.

In the last 5 km I faced into a warm spring wind. I’d forgotten my running hat at home, but I had my hair in a ponytail during the run. I took out my ponytail holder and let my long hair fly out behind me. Fly! Be Free!

There were about 20 young calves munching grass near the fence in one field, and they went scurrying back to their moms as I ran by. I didn’t think I was that scary.

I didn’t really know for sure how far I’d run but I had an idea. After a quick change I popped the kids into the van, measured the route, and then we went swimming in town.

18.6 km, in 2:20. Good enough for a first try!


  1. Well Done!!!

  2. Awesome!! That sounds like a great long run!! Maybe if you had Bessie with you those calves would have been a little more sociable ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Good job, Karen! And those calves probably thought you were a mountain lion chasing down some prey. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Fantastic long run. I’d be jacked up for 3 days after that.


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