Posted by: Karen | April 24, 2005

The Kite – NRC

NRC = No Running Content. Funny, I was going to do a run yesterday, but I just didn’t get there. I laid down for a nap and before I knew it my run-window slipped away.

I did bake cookies for the kids to take to their friends’ houses. We farmed out the munchkins on sleepovers so we could go to dinner and a play in a little town called Rosebud. We went with my husband’s parents, his sister, and her husband. It was fun to all go out together, just us grown-ups. Excellent buffet, entertaining dinner music, and a hilarious comedy played by a good cast. The Lead who played Daddy Sherry convincingly mastered the mannerisms of the extremely elderly and his comedic timing was perfect. Nothing like a belly laughing to tears to relieve a little stress!

Little Miss Sleepy and I are off to cheer on some Penguins and Roadrunners in the Police Half this morning. Go Dawn and Yolanda! Report to follow.



  1. Sometimes you need to listen to your body and take a nap. Nothing I like better than the afternoon nap.


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