Posted by: Karen | April 23, 2005

Sanity Running

In the last 10 days I’ve juggled my husband’s elbow surgery with my son’s new soccer practice schedule, listed our house, and sold it. We had a minimum of three showings a day for the seven days it was listed, and let me tell you, it’s darn hard to plan and execute a husband’s 40th birthday party in the midst of all that.

A big thank you to Dawn, who offered her kitchen last night so we could have Hubby’s dinner and celebration with great company and without disruption.

I’m looking forward to some plain and simple running this weekend. No terribly long distances, but long enough to get in a good hour’s work out both days. The last two weeks I’ve only run on Tuesdays and then long runs on weekends. Not good; I need my three days a week, so I’m splitting up the long run into two this way.

Now, on with the house hunting!



  1. Good luck with the house hunting. It must be exciting. Hope your life gets better! This too shall pass.

  2. Well, that was pretty quick turnaround on selling the house. Moving is a nightmare for us, but a new house is a fun thing.

  3. It was our pleasure Karen. We both enjoyed your family’s company and the food was fabulous. How’s the “old” man doing today 🙂

  4. Busy busy girl,, hope it slows down and you can relax and take some good runs,

  5. Did I read where you executed your husband? Ouch. Well I hope he got what he wanted for his birthday and you got your price for the house.

  6. Whoa! I think you deserve a “me” break!!! Well done on all those various efforts!! Listed *and* sold in one week!? You make my head spin!!!

  7. wow…sounds like a busy week. get out and stretch the legs, your stress levels probably need some lowering!


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