Posted by: Karen | April 20, 2005

A Little Speedwork

Dawn picked me up and we went to Gord’s for our weekly run last night. We ran along the top of the ridge overlooking Memorial Drive, then west along the drive towards 14th Street. After we were good and warmed up, we talked about doing some short intervals. Krista opted to run 1 minute intervals, but I didn’t want to go that fast, so I ran 2 minute intervals. Yolanda and Linda didn’t seem keen on speedwork, and said they would take the “trot along in the sun” option.

It was a gorgeous night. I actually wore SHORTS and a short sleeved shirt. I had brought my water belt to hydrate between intervals.

My first 2 minute interval I didn’t go totally ALL out, just worked on increasing my speed beyond what I usually run. I walked a bit after, to catch my breath. As I’m walking along, our prodigal Penguin, Tim jogged happily by after doing his trail hills. This is the one who took off 5 months of running to drink beer all winter and then showed up to run 10k with us 2 weeks ago. Tim cheerfully offered the comment “Beer and Burgers are GOOD for you!” as he breezed by. Ah yes. Quit walking, Karen.

I turned around to go back for Linda and Yolanda (Krista was already ahead), but they were just caught up to me. We crossed the 14th street bridge together and then I did another 2 minutes of faster running. I turned back for Linda and Yolanda, and they still weren’t very far behind. So much for “trotting along in the sun”! They’d caught a little speedwork bug, too.

After that we kind of separated as we broke into our own jogging speeds, with the understanding that we would meet up at the market for some B & J. If you follow the link you’ll see what flavour I had. If you’re Jon, or my posts about food make you uncontrollably hungry, don’t go there.

We headed back out into the twilight to walk across Prince’s Island Park and back UP the curling club stairs. I was chilly now, as a breeze had come up and I couldn’t run and eat at the same time.



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