Posted by: Karen | April 13, 2005

Tuesday 10k

My legs were heavy and uncooperative last night, but somehow they pounded through 10 km at our group run. I think my legs were a little tired from our long run on the weekend.

Our core group of four went down the Centre Street bridge and along the south river pathway to Crowchild Trail and back. Crowchild Trail is a major freeway that has a nice little pedestrian bridge crossing the river underneath it. The ground was dry and the air was cool, with a breeze. I wore two long sleeved shirts and leggings, but didn’t need mitts.

There were pairs of Canada geese starting to show up along the river banks and pathways. In the next month they will just about take over the pathways with their green/brown goose poop and we will run past protectively honking, flapping nesting couples. Yolanda pointed out a beaver swimming downstream as we crossed the bridge.

At about 7 km I lagged behind as the others pushed solidly on. I had a little gas and just needed a longer walk break for my tummy to settle down. I think it was good to run by myself for awhile, too. I was able to concentrate on my form and run a little lighter. I just about caught back up to the other three towards the top of the Curling Club stairs. Krista bravely cheered me from higher up, “You can do it, Karen!” I had no breath left to say much, but answered with the only positive syllable I could muster, “Aye!”

At the top of the stairs Krista-the-Energizer-Bunny gamely kept on running back towards the store. I walked a short bit to catch my breath, decidedly shook off my whinyness, and chose to practice a final sprint, as if there was a finish line around the last corner. I raced past Yolanda and Linda, and caught up to Krista just as we crossed the finish line together. Of course I hadn’t let the others in on my silly daydream, so they all looked at me funny when I raised my hands and exclaimed “59 minutes! Did you see that! On the Clock! Woohoo!”

In reality it took me over an hour and 13 minutes to run 10k last night, but the fantasizing at the finish was fun. I’m looking forward to speed work or hills or something besides plain old distance this Thursday.



  1. So I see maybe it is a good thing I missed last night…. 🙂

  2. “I had no breath left to say much, but answered with the only positive syllable I could muster, ?Aye!?”

    LOL! That is EXACTLY the perfect description of how I’m feeling on those same days. Its like all I can get out of my voice is some kind of grunt.

    Way to push through it, Karen!

  3. I
    Though last night my run was 100 times better.


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