Posted by: Karen | April 3, 2005

Blustery Long Run

Hubby’s working this weekend, but Princess had a birthday party yesterday afternoon, so I used the opportunity to go for my 16km long run. The sun was out and it was 5C/41F, but there was a blustery, cold wind, so I brought my jacket along. The wind was at my back for the first 5k, which made it tough going on the way home, but at least I was able to sort out my breathing at the beginning of the run, and I found a good rhythm right away.

I had on my NEW SHOES, replacement Brooks Addictions, that I used in my easy jog on Thursday. My feet had some hot spots on the run, but no blisters showed up, so I’m happy about that. It was my first run this long since October, and my legs were pretty tired in the last few km. It took me almost 2 hours. I’ve raced this distance much faster, but considering the wind and my training this spring, that’s fine.

It wasn’t an amazing run or anything, but I felt strong a lot of the time, and was able to keep running through the parts when I didn’t. That’s good enough for me.



  1. LOL! Makes me think of Winnie the Pooh’s Blustery Day. Sounds like it was a good Long Run, Karen. Wind Training is good for you. Just think how you’ll do when the wind is gone.

  2. I am living for the day I can say I ran that far! Your inspiring

  3. Way to go Karen. I rode in that wind, not fun. I did my long one today. See you Tuesday.

  4. Hi mom! it’s webtools and i just thought i’d look up your site. ciao!

  5. Sounds like you had a good long run. I find the first 15 minutes of a long run are really important, this is the time to set the pace and get your breathing right. I just completed a 29-30km run on Saturday. I took 3 hours, 14 minutes, which is about average for me. At least I had sunshine and 12C. I normally run my long runs about a minute slower per km than my race pace, varying this as much as 30secs/km depending on the weather, trail conditions and how I feel. Keep up the hard work and happy running!


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