Posted by: Karen | March 24, 2005


A Penguin’s Perspective on the Calgary Roadrunners XC Grand Prix

I noticed the Grand Prix results for the XC series have been posted, and I came in FOURTH in my age group! What a shocker!

Last year I was in hot competition for 6 out of 7, and had to work hard against a mom recovering-from-pregnancy for it. If the series had gone even one race longer, she would have bumped me down to the bottom.

This year she was pregnant again, so one competitor down…

Nancy would have given me a run for my money (she beat me last year), but she had injuries from which to recover. She got Ironperson by showing up and running ALL the races (YAY NANCY!), but didn’t qualify for the Grand Prix by running a minimum of six 8k distances. There went number two.

Sylvie isn’t in my age group, or she would have beat me out, too. Leah and Yolanda aren’t in my age group either, but they did get Ironperson awards – hip hip hooray! Dawn didn’t get Ironperson, but that’s my fault because I dragged her to Florida with me and subjected her to a half marathon on pavement instead of doing the Nose Hill XC. She gets my IronFriend award 🙂

Philippa – she usually runs ahead of us at Gord’s – was recovering from a compound ankle fracture this year and volunteered like a trooper. Number three.

If Lindsay (Ladies OVERALL winner) hadn’t aged her way into my age group I would have made TOP 3!

I have to give credit to the top three in my category. If I ever come close to passing them in a race I’m sure they’ll be either injured, in some early stage of motherhood, suffering from pneumonia, or absolutely flipping out because a Penguin has caught up. These three are quite untouchable in terms of my race times coming close to theirs.

I think this is as high as I’m going to get in the next few years in terms of placing, so I’m rather enjoying it 🙂 It was worth it to run the 8ks. Next fall I will once again shout the resounding cry “All the Eights!” and try for Ironperson, too.



  1. So how exactly did you manage to get that chick pregnant so that she couldn’t compete this year? Very clever tactic!!! Well done indeed and great running!!!

  2. congrats on such an awesome season! your talk of running the xc races always gets me excited for trail running.

    love the ‘ironfriend’ comment. it’s great to have people like that in our lives!

  3. YAY KAREN! You get the Iron Penguin Award. Well Done!

  4. Awww thanks for the award, but you also deserve that award! After all it’s not like you dragged me away kicking and screaming 🙂

  5. YEAH, Karen!!!! Congrats on taking fourth! And don’t go making excuses for getting it either. Good job!

  6. Good for you!!! I figuire the only way I’ll ever get that good is run ’til I’m 80 of 90 years old and maybe then……

  7. […] Remember way back in ‘05, when I came in fourth in this series in my age group? and I didn’t think I would do any better anytime soon? This year I came in THIRD. […]


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