Posted by: Karen | March 23, 2005

Chilly Tuesday Group Run

I went out with the group last night for about a 7ish km run by the river. The ice is melting, yay!

Kelly was back for her first run (she was only allowed 15 minutes of running) after major abdominal surgery in December, and we were all happy to see her. Yolanda and I jogged along with Kathy and her border collie for the first bit, until she turned back on her short course. I wanted to turn back too, as I was cold and had to pee. A chilly wind blew through my woollen mitts, but Krista lent me her fleece ones and dragged me on towards the medium turn around point.

We had barely arrived on time for the run, leaving me no time to visit the biffy, so I found a bush at just after the medium half-way point. The nice thing about running after dark is that it is easier to find nice, private shadow for such things. We went a little faster after that 🙂

My new shoes that I ordered more than 4 weeks ago are still not in, and my feet are starting to ache when I run. Hope the new shoes come in this week! I was admittedly whiny last night, but Krista shouted out positive words as we climbed up all 167 of the curling club stairs.

As we had approached the big hill (that goes under the stairs) to go back up to the store, I had caught a glimpse of Dawn running up ahead of us. We caught up to her just as we all got back together.


  1. Its kinda funny to read your post along with Dawn because you two are in different places during these runs and have different perspectives. I can imagine a Tv show that starts with one of you and jumps back and forth between the two every time one catches a glipse of the other. Cool!

  2. I like Jon’s comment. Tonight’s run was even chillier. I will blog it later.

  3. great that you hung in there,,even when you felt whiny,, I feel that way lots,, just no one can hear me, lol,


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