Posted by: Karen | March 20, 2005

Snowy Spring Day

Some of our Penguins, including Dawn and I were at the XC Awards banquet last night. We enjoyed a fantastic potluck dinner and a great summary of the winter season. I brought Broccoli bacon salad. The drive home was a little slippery but manageable, and I hit the sack at close to midnight.

Hubby had to work today at 10 a.m. so I was up again at the crack of dawn to have some toast and tea before heading out on my long run at 7:30. 12 km isn’t long on some weeks, but I haven’t run more than 10 km at once since the Tampa race February 5th, so I’m back to working up slowly again.

I was really glad I hadn’t planned on a longer run. Most of the run was in 2 inches of fluffy snow, some parts that hadn’t been shovelled earlier in the week were up past my ankles. My first km, which often takes me 6:30 or 7 minutes on a long run day, took me over 8 minutes. I stopped looking at my watch after that.

It was VERY nice not to have to hold myself to anything resembling a “race pace”, so I walked when I wanted to and eventually found some good rhythms after about the 7th km. Since I wasn’t using a speed-related effort, instead of pushing my breath out like I did in last week’s race, I imagined the exhalations sort of just falling out and then I picked up more air in inhaling. It was an interesting imagery and kept my mind occupied for a good while.

My body was not quite sure about all the food I’d eaten the night before, and told me in the last mile I needed to find a bathroom. I don’t argue with these messages on this kind of long run – it’s not like I’m on the clock or anything, so I popped into the Esso station bathroom. It was easier to tackle the last km with the deeper snow when I wasn’t worrying about whether I would make it to the bathroom! My knees had gotten wobbly by that point even with the bathroom break, but I jogged through the rest by promising myself french toast for “second breakfast”.

It took me about an hour and 3/4 to go 12 km – I’m glad I didn’t have my heart set on 14 for today!



  1. Ncie run, Karen. Runner’s World had an article about keeping up your enthusiasm for running, and one of the things they suggested was one run a week be without any type of time constraint or pace. Leave the watches and Forerunners at home and just run what feels good.


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