Posted by: Karen | March 18, 2005

It’s February

I know the calendar says March. I know we just celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, and Valentines was a month ago. I just bought more eggs to decorate for Easter, but this morning’s run felt like February. Of course, several of my February runs felt like May, so I guess winter had to come sometime.

I got up early, had a slice of bread and honey with ginger-mint tea, and headed out the door at shortly before 7 am. I wasn’t really looking forward to running in the snow in March. In October it’s a novelty. In “winter months” it’s a necessity, but I’ve been awfully spoiled with lots of dry pavement lately, and I wasn’t relishing having to run with my jacket on again.

It really wasn’t that bad. The snow was fluffy and more than an inch deep. No nasty wind, but a playful breeze that blew big, wet snowflakes into my face no matter which direction I turned. The snowflakes tickled and made my skin itch as they melted on my nose and cheeks. The snow was deep enough to do that styrofoam squeak when I pushed off, but not slippery on the flat.

I was all alone on my boulevard, if you don’t count everyone driving to work. I counted 9 vehicles in line at the Tim Horton’s drive thru, 4 more out front, and one had just pulled into the lot and was deciding between the two. The scent of coffee and baking as I ran by was divine. On the way back I was fascinated by my footprints in the snow. It seems my toes turn out ever so slightly. I don’t feel like they turn out, but they do.



  1. How many of the 9 were police cars 🙂

  2. That’s an interesting way to check your form–your footprints in the snow!

  3. Love the new photo upon your header! I’m sure glad I don’t have to smell doughnuts when I’m trying to run. It would be ALL OVER for me really quickly!

  4. Sucks living in Alberta sometimes doesn’t it?

  5. Sure feels like Winter still. Lots of snow everywhere and cold, cold, cold. Seems like it just never warms up. Last summer never got hot. I think another Ice Age is coming.

    I just shake my head to see a line of cars at the doughnut shops. Its such poison and people will wait so long to get it too. There’s a guy at work that will actually cut off people in a conversation because he has to get downstairs to the cafeteria before the doughnuts get put away. Can’t imagine what he would do if he missed them. Besides live a little healthier, I mean.


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