Posted by: Karen | March 16, 2005

“The Light is Changing”

Last night there was a good turnout at Gord’s and we all headed out on fairly dry sidewalks for a flat run. The whole group ran pretty much together for a few blocks to warm up, until we got to the Edmonton Trail intersection, where the faster ones charged across on a stale green light. Our front-running Penguins slowed down a tad in our approach.

“It looks like it’s going to go amber. Oh look, it’s changing. Well, we’d better wait for the next one.” It was a nice rest, the back-of-the-packers caught up, and we were all together momentarily until the light changed back to green.

We had a pretty relaxed run – I didn’t feel like were pushing very hard. It’s kind of nice to have those now and then, especially after a race weekend. On the way back I think my legs got tired of the stride length I’d been using, and I needed to push the pace a little. Coach Dianne had encouraged me to try a few bursts of speed if my legs felt up to it, so I alternated a few short blocks of zipping along as fast as I could handle with walking about the same to recover. I only did it a few times, but it was enough to tire me out and stretch out those finishing sprint muscles I’d used on Sunday.

By the time Krista and Yolanda caught up with me I was quite happy to manage a slow cool-down jog back. We were out maybe 50 minutes.



  1. Ahhhhh, Karen’s trying the interval training. Its tempting isn’t it? Pick up that pace, rest, then pick it up again. Makes you faster!

  2. I see you figured out how to put a picture in your menu. Way to go.

  3. Sounds like a useful and well suited run for the week after a race. Good effort!

  4. I’ve just started some group runs with the local running club. It’s different running a group!! Yours sounds like such fun, a real bonus for training runs.


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