Posted by: Karen | March 11, 2005

Schoolyard Run

Now that my husband is working shifts I’m having to get creative in squeezing in my runs. Yesterday I set a pot of water on to boil, instructed Dance Boy to plunk in some Macaroni at a certain time, and took Monkey Girl to the school yard playground, a km away. Once she was happily swinging along, I ran twice around the big school yard on packed-down grass.

The sun was shining, and it was 15C/59F. It has been unseasonably warm this last month or so. I ran in shorts and a t-shirt, and the mild breeze was comfortable.

The ground was nice on the joints, but my calves didn’t want to warm up. The plan had been to warm up thoroughly, run a few strides (as hard as I could for 40 seconds at a time, with 40 seconds recovery between), and then jog a very long cool-down. The school yard includes two baseball fields and a soccer field. I ran around the yard twice in about 15 minutes or so and checked on Monkey Girl. She was doing fine, so I headed back out around the field.

Now was when I would have done the strides, but I didn’t feel warmed up. My calves were tight and my breathing wouldn’t settle down, so I kept my steady pace and did two more laps around the field in another 15 minutes or so. Nothing felt right, so I never did do the strides. I figure if I’m not warmed up after 30 minutes, it just wasn’t the right day for it, and Monkey Girl and I headed home for supper.

After a quick meal of Kraft Dinner I took Dance Boy to his school dance, came back home and watched an early Survivor on the Satellite. Monkey Girl morphed into Betty Crocker and baked cakes in her Easy Bake oven.

Normally, when I have a race coming up and I have runs like I’ve had this week, I start to get worried. I am trying for another PR on Sunday morning, at the St. Patrick’s Day 10k. What if I feel this yucky on race day? I know better than to let it worry me now. At the Jingle Bell Race last November I DID feel that way, managed to push hard for the whole 10k anyway, and still managed a time only 18 seconds off my PR. I also remember that I had a lead-legs run the Thursday before my Tampa 15k race this February, and then raced an awesome race two days later.

I think I can.
I can.
I will.
I will beat my PR by a minute!



  1. Mini taper with easy bake cakes. That’s what you need. 🙂 Let those legs rest and do some stretching. You’ll be fine and dandy for the race. Run hard!

  2. You will rock-n-roll. Have fun!!

  3. Isn’t it strange how the body and the mind switch gears like that? Somehow on race day, though, it all seems to come together. I have a feeling you will have a blast whatever happens.You seem to enjoy your runs so much:)

  4. RAWR! Have a fantastic race!

  5. get plenty of rest today, drink lots of fluids and then spend some time mentally running the course, successfully. you’ll do great tomorrow!

  6. You’ll have great race, I’m sure.


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