Posted by: Karen | March 9, 2005

Tuesday Group Run

Obligatory Running Note:
I had a “concert run” last night. You know, the kind where everything creaks and groans in concert? Hamstrings, calves, feet… We went down the Holly Park hill past the big Ukrainian church, across Langevin Bridge, past Eau Claire along the river to the 10th St. LRT bridge, and back up the Curling Club stairs.

I looped back on the Holly Park hill to see how our two newbies, Judy and Kathy, were doing with Dawn. They seemed to be sticking together, so I zipped down the hill to catch back up to Yolanda, Krista and Linda L. I just managed to squeak through the light behind them at Memorial. I count that as hills AND speedwork.

In looping back I lost our other big, tall, newbie, Gerton (whose name sounds a lot different than it looks). He’d started out running with us, as he said his conditioning was “not good”, but I took one look at his long legs and knew he could probably speedwalk faster than my 10k pace. He ran on ahead with Ian, one of Gord’s runners. I think they ended up doing the long route (about 8 more blocks).

The backs of my legs groaned annoyingly most of my run, reminding me that I really, really should have done a recovery jog Sunday or Monday. Linda patiently ran alongside me and Yolanda and Krista were right behind. I wasn’t looking forward to the stairs close to the end, but you know, once I went UP them and stretched a bit at the top, I felt much better. I should have done the stairs at the beginning.

If you’re in Calgary and thinking of starting/re-starting, now’s a good time to show up. It’s easier to be new when you’re not the only one.



  1. LOL! The concert run! Small concert every morning at my house. Creeeeek, grooooaaaaan. 🙂

  2. hah! love the term, ‘concert run’. i’ll have to remember that and use it in the future. if you don’t mind, of course.

  3. How a concert run and “zipped down the hill” go together escapes me but then I can relate to losing the beat after a mile or so of slow running.


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