Posted by: Karen | March 2, 2005

Tuesday with Bessie

My kids and I were VERY curious as to what had come in the mail on Monday. Big Box from Tampa

Can you believe it? It was a stuffed cow from Chick-fil-A, the sponsor of the Relay race we ran in Tampa! She came with 52 coupons for a free Chicken Combo meal, good in the Tampa area. It’s a good thing we have friends in Tampa!

We named her Bessie, and encouraged her to feel right at home. Snow White looked a little surprised to see a cow in our living room.
Mooovin' In
Bessie was up bright and early for breakfast.

Bessie came to Gord’s Running Store last night for our group run. She was all excited when I strapped her into the van.
Ready to Go!
Here she is with our Penguin Running group.
We'll whip her into shape in no time!
Of course Dawn and I had some explanations to make, hauling a cow into the store, but Bessie behaved herself and everyone agreed she is quite a prize.

We had a good run of about 50+ minutes, which included one steep uphill and then a set of 67 stairs. There were some icy patches we had to watch out for, but I felt good and was able to pick up the pace quite nicely towards the end.

Bessie was pretty tired from her run, but Linda helped her touch the No Parking sign at the end – a Gord’s Run ritual. Yolanda even helped Bessie with her stretching.
Linda & BessieYolanda and Bessie


  1. that’s a riot! my favorites are the peanut butter photo (of course!) and the car seat. congratulations to you, too, on winning the bessie prize!

  2. Yeah Bessie! Love the pics.

  3. Bessie looks right at home, but no more burgers for you. That could get awkward.

  4. YOU ARE KILLING ME!!!! This is *SO* funny. I think Becky Buckeye has just been outclassed. Bessie has MOOOOOved on in.

  5. I am laughing my @$$ off! Now you’ll always have a 3′ reminder of your time here in Tampa. And I like how Bessie’s been accepted by your running group–especially when she was included in the No Parking sign ritual 🙂

  6. In the cow business now I see. When’s she gonna calve?

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