Posted by: Karen | February 28, 2005

Shorts & Sunshine

Yesterday afternoon it was beautiful out. The sun shone, the melting snow drained into puddles, kids dragged their parents to the park, and I waffled about what to wear on my run. The temperature only said 6C/43F, but the sun was shining so mightily that I finally decided on shorts, a short sleeved shirt and a button-front, long-sleeved fleece top.

I ran down to the Running Room a couple of miles away to re-register for the St. Pat’s 10k – seems they couldn’t use my cash – needed a cheque instead. Then I meandered up through the hilly, up-scale neighborhood of Arbour Lake (more like Arbour pond). I did not keep my run pace steady – instead I managed kind of a tempo pace for 10-15 minutes at a time, interspersed with walking breaks. Most of the walking breaks were towards the tops of hills.

When the wind was at my back I felt very comfortable and shrugged my fleece down off my shoulders. The wind was quite strong, however, and most of the time kept me cooler than I wanted. I did systems-checks:
hands – warm
ears – warm
torso – working up a good sweat
legs – bright pink! Skin was warm, muscles were warm…

Towards the end my knees reminded me why I should raise my shorts cut-off point higher. Muscles were happy, but the tendons/ligaments/whatever were twanging away by 50 minutes. NOW I remember doing this to myself on other pseudo-spring days in previous years. I made it home in about an hour, and hit the shower to warm up my complaining connective tissues.

So I’m back to wearing leggings unless the temps rise above 10C/50F.



  1. I think the mid 40’s are the cutoff point for me as well. I’ve run a race at 45F but I think longer runs, as a slower pace, with wind, and its time for longer legwear. Can’t wait to see 40’s here again though. 🙂

  2. Gosh it sounds great to even consider shorts though – glad you got a little taste of spring.


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