Posted by: Karen | February 26, 2005

Lucky Speed Repeats

I almost forgot to blog Thursday’s run! I did my speedwork Thursday in gorgeous, above-freezing weather on bare sidewalks.

Nothing really ominous, 4 sprints of about 1:45-2 minutes long, with a break of about a minute or slightly more in between, with a mile on either side for warm up and cool down. When I finished the 4th I felt like I *could* do maybe one more, but chose not to.

I haven’t done repeats for quite a while, so took it easy first time out. It didn’t feel like I’d gone easy on the way back – my calves were stiff and achy in the cool down. I might extend the warm up and cool down a little more next time.

It was kind of nice not forcing myself to hold to exactly 400m or exactly 2 minutes. I did it sort of by “feel” and it was a novel concept for me. One of the reasons I usually hate speedwork is that I find it hard to stick to marked distances or my beeping watch. It’s not impossible, but it’s just… not… FUN! Doing the repeats by feel gave me a rebellious sense of control over the process. Hey, it’s my training, I’ll do what I want… and it’s funner this way 🙂

My coach even agrees with me. She’s just happy I’m running fast, even for little bits, and she reassures me that if I do this enough my body will get the idea in regards to my upcoming 10k race. I’ve also decided not to run long this weekend, as I had originally planned. I don’t need to run long – I need to run FAST. So I will do a tempo-feeling 8-10 kms tomorrow.

I found a penny on the sidewalk in the last km. “Find a penny, pick it up, then all day you’ll have good luck”, so I tucked it into my key pocket in my leggings.



  1. Sounds like a good day of training. Feeling like you could do more is very encouraging too. I haven’t done my speed training on anything but the ‘mill yet, except for 1 pace run. I need to find a spot and mark off some distance.

    You have a coach?

  2. Hi! Sounds like you’ve been having some lucky runs lately. And a lucky penny to confirm it. Good luck training for that St. Patty’s Day 10K. I’d like to do a race soon. Just did one over the weekend and it felt great (once it was over ) lol


  3. well, did you have good luck all day?

    congrats on a good speed workout. groovy way to look at it too, “rebelious sense of control”. heh!


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