Posted by: Karen | February 23, 2005

Newbie Tuesday

Last night Dawn and I showed up for our usual Tuesday night run from Gord’s store. The weather was fairly nice, with the temperature hovering around freezing, and there was a good turnout, including a Newbie and her playful border collie.

We did a slightly different route from the usual, but still ran along the river for most of it. I was quite happy to chat alongside our Newbie and her dog, as my legs needed something easy to recover from my strenuous weekend, and I like it when new folks show up. We took a modified short route, looping back for Dawn a few times. Our regular Penguins moseyed on ahead and did the medium route.

When we came over the bridge from Prince’s Island to the curling club I had a little fun with the dog, running on ahead down the little hill, and around in circles a few times. Wheee! Newbie’s dog rather enjoyed my playfulness, and got right into the act. I tossed her my balled up mitts a few times for a lively game of fetch, and then we tackled the Curling Club stairs.

Dawn and I remembered that we’ve been meaning to count this ominous set of outdoor stairs set into a hill just North of downtown. I lost count a couple of times and had to guesstimate at around 170ish stairs. Dawn counted 168 but admits she might have miscounted a step or two. Like typical runners (round up the distance, round down the time), we’ll confidently report that there are “around 170”.

I’ll be doing some speedwork Thursday. I will! I’m signing up for the St. Patrick’s Day 10k today, and I need to work hard if I’m going to shoot for another PR next month.



  1. i love it! round up the distance, round down the time. i’m stealing that one…

  2. Stairs! I haven’t done stairs yet. Well, mostly because I’m not near stairs. Good luck in the speedwork. I’m just starting it and its tough for me to do. 10K coming up? Very nice!

  3. Stairs! There were people running stairs all over San Diego today. Except we had 70 degree weather:)


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