Posted by: Karen | February 10, 2005

Hockey Night in Calgary

I was going to try and get a run in last night after an early supper, but a kind brother-in-law came up with free tickets to the Calgary Hitmen hockey game, and the boy and I went. We’ve been kind of hockey-deprived this winter, with the NHL on strike, so we seized the moment. We had great seats 10 rows up – close enough to see their young faces.

In the first period we cheered on our awesome goalie and wondered what happened to our defensive line. We saw one of our guys knocked totally loopy and it was not pretty. Our team rallied in the 2nd and 3rd periods and one the game 3-2, despite being totally out-shot by the other team.

I was just starting to feel rested up from my mild jet lag, and the late night has set me back again (sigh). I’ll try for a bit of a recovery jog tonight, and then Saturday I think I’m out with the Roadrunners’ Beer n’ Pizza run.

I’ll have to blog about my Florida adventures later. Time to get ready for work.



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