Posted by: Karen | January 26, 2005

One Week to go

One week from now I will be flying to Tampa, Florida! I have a lot of stuff already packed, including running SHORTS 🙂

Last night Dawn and I showed up at Gord’s for our last group run before our trip. I wasn’t sure how the legs would like running after my 18km weekend, but I felt great AGAIN, two weeks in a row! This building back up after a break is not as hard as I thought it was going to be. Yes, I had some heavy, achy legs at about our halfway point last night (3ish km), but once we turned around to came back into the wind they got better again.

Running back up the Centre Street bridge hill was a piece of cake.

Well! I guess I have no excuses for running hills tomorrow night, then. No weather excuses – there is not much ice left on the sidewalks and another warm Chinook is blowing through tomorrow.



  1. Yea Tampa! It’s almost here:)

  2. Shorts!! Yahoo!!!

  3. You be careful in FL. Too much sun and warmth will soften you up and you’ll lose all that hardcore northern training. I’d say bring alof of icepacks with you. Fill the tub at the hotel. 😀

    We’ll all be jealous ofcourse.

  4. Yay Tampa! I’ll be there, running the half on Sunday. Be prepared for all possible weather– at the moment it’s 67F and very cloudy, but that could change in a second! Definitely you’ll be wearing shorts, though!


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