Posted by: Karen | January 19, 2005


Thought I’d add a new category for this one. A toque is a warm knit hat. When Americans like Jon go outside in the cold, what do they call that thing they wear on their head to stay warm?

Some have pom poms on top, some don’t. The one I wear when I’m not racing is just a plain red knit hat. It goes nicely with my plain red knit mitts, and even the fuzzy red scarf my Mom made me. Here in this photo are some of my fellow crazy nuts ready to run a XC race in the snow last year. Most of them are wearing toques (if not balaclavas), Yo-go is in a headband.
You can buy a toque for a good cause at this Raise the Roof web site, and learn even more about this strange word here.



  1. Gosh, I learn the most interesting things on blogs. I love it! I just bought a bacalava, but I haven’t tried it yet.

  2. Did Susan just say she put baclava on her head? Isn’t that a dessert? 😀

    Couldn’t see the pic yet. 😦

  3. well, i have a balaclava, but the other, knit hats i call beenies. as in “cecil and beenie”.

  4. I can’t get the dang pic to work. I’ve uploaded it twice and pasted in the code it gives me, but it’s not working. I’ll figure it out later.

  5. My parents always called them toques too. They’re from NE lower-penisula Michigan. There was another name too, tschuk (no idea about the spelling) that maybe was made up or russian or german or quebecois… Your snowsuit was not complete without a tschuk.


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