Posted by: Karen | January 19, 2005

Run with the Wind

Everything is very, very slushy around here. The snow just can’t melt fast enough and I’m investing a fortune in window washer fluid.

Five Penguins were out at Gord’s last night and it was perfect for running. Well, the air was perfect. The ground was still a little slick. The air was all I needed, though. I welcomed all that fresh warmer air deep into my lungs and felt like running faster.

Since it was so lovely out I hadn’t even brought my toque, and when I took my ear warmers off, my long hair swayed in the wind behind me. I felt like Farrah Fawcett! Eventually we turned back into the wind and I had to put the ear things back on again, but I still felt wonderful.

I originally thought I would hang with the group and hear about LL’s trip to Egypt, but my legs were on a fantastic roll and I left the group behind a few times.

Where the pathway wasn’t covered in grey mashed-potatoe snow there was a slippery, gritty frost layer. The lights made the frost on the paved pathway sparkle like glitter on a black formal dress.

I haven’t had such a good-feeling run like this for WEEKS. I want more!



  1. Heh,heh. Mashed potato snow. 🙂 I like the imagery in this post. When you described your hair flying behind you, it reminded me of the first time I went scuba diving in warm water. I had spent all my diving days in cold water wearing a neoprene hood. The first thing I noticed about diving in Florida was the feeling of my hair floating in currents of the warm water. Wierd feeling.

    And “toque”? Is that how you spell it? I’d been trying to look it up in Google and couldn’t figure it out.


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