Posted by: Karen | January 16, 2005

Yay, I Ran Outside!

I’ve been such a sulky runner this week. I didn’t want to run because it was SO cold, but then because I didn’t run I felt all sulky and growly, and it took a lot to get me out the door today.

It was still chilly, at -14C/7F with a little breeze, but still much better than it was last weekend. No frosties building up on my face. No exposed body parts feeling like they’re going numb.

I did run over several big, hard snow drifts. Not through, over. These drifts looked like frozen waves and the cold wind over the past week had packed them solid. It felt kind of wierd not to be sinking into them.

I’m still working up to a half-decent long run, so today I aimed for 12 km – 14 if I felt absolutely amazing. I took it very easy and walked 2 or 3 whole blocks (not in a row). I didn’t feel terrible, but in the 11th and 12th kms my legs told me very decisively that we’d gone far enough, thank you very much. Little aches and twinges started showing up and I was getting that wobbly feeling. Ah well, a little more training and I won’t get the wobbly feeling until after 14, or 16, or 20…

Towards the end I came across a very enthusiastic greyhound out with its owner, and I stopped for a happy how-do-you-do. Such beautiful big eyes on those dogs.

I tell you, there is NOTHING like a warm shower and a yummy banana after a run like that.



  1. Yes, I found that when those runs get tired and wobbly at the end, then next run to that distance isn’t so bad.

    And didn’t the banana get all mushy eating it in the shower?

  2. You deserve to be a sulky runner, but your stick-to-itiveness (is that really a word???) is what motivated me to get out way down here in “warm” VA. Great job!!

  3. Running outside is so much better, isn’t it? even in that CHILLLLLY weather. I commend you for getting out there!


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