Posted by: Karen | January 14, 2005

If you don’t like the weather…

MOST times in Calgary, if you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes. It will change. This last few days has been a long 15 minutes! I haven’t run. I haven’t even done a stair workout (2 storey house with basement). My usual last resort is to run around the Olympic Speedskating Oval, but it’s preparing for a World Cup competition this weekend, and no one is allowed to run there this week.

Whine, whine, fuss fuss.

On the up side, I am happy to announce that the toenail I bruised and blackened in the August 29 Robert Hamilton Memorial 10 mile race has finally come off. Yes, this is the one on my second toe on my right foot that turned lovely purplish colours for a month, and then miraculously changed back to pink, just like my other little piggies. It hung in there all this time, to protect a new little toenail growing underneath. Aw.

I need to run. Soon.


  1. Only runners would talk about their toenails falling off! That made giggle. My SO thinks it’s totally gross whenever I talk to him about the state of my feet.

  2. That 15 minute saying sure applies to my area – 2 days ago it was 57F/14C, yesterday 20F/-7C, today 8F/-13C.

    And, wow, that toenail took a long time to say good-bye!

  3. Hang in there girlfriend, tomorrow promises to be a balmy -8. Good day for that last long run before Tampa.

  4. I don’t know what you and Dawn would do if the you had to go anywhere it was above 0F for a race. You are a serious cold weather snow bird. And I can’t imagine how dreadful the weather must be for you to actually stay inside. I don’t think I’d ever be warm enough up there.

    Hope things “warm” up soon. 🙂

  5. oooh, oooh, speedskating!! I need to find out more about that — one of our guys flipped to ice after having won pretty much everything he could on inlines, so we’re watching to see how he does. I know there’s a skater out of Houston that did the same thing and that is blowing folks away.


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