Posted by: Karen | January 9, 2005

I think I’m getting used to it

Yeah, so it’s cold.
Temperatures in Celcius today before my run

Hey, at least the sun was shining today and there was no wind chill. Sometimes it’s just better to get out and get the exercise DONE and just don’t think about the stuff holding you back.

Since I had a race yesterday I didn’t do my long run. I need long run mileage, so I got out today for 8 km. Despite the sunshine, nicely plowed sidewalks, no hills and no wind chill, I still didn’t feel like running much, so I walked about half of it. No frozen eyelashes, not much heavy breathing. I still did 8 km, and I got a good hour’s worth of fresh air.

Good for me.



  1. Me too, I was out there, but I went later in the day and had frozen eyelashes, ice crystals in my nose and even the ends of my hair were frosted when I got home.

  2. Good for you! Sometimes it’s good to just get out and walk/run…I’ve felt guilty lately for doing that because I feel like I should be writing abou glorious runs on my blog. Just getting out there and exercising is super! Kirsten/mid-pack mom


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