Posted by: Karen | January 2, 2005

Be Hip to Run Well

So maybe this is why I notice some of my core/pelvic muscles aching when I’ve been consciously trying to lean forward and run in my ad hoc version of the Chi style.

Maybe I really DO need to do those abdominal exercises as in my 2005 goals. Maybe doing core exercises will help me be more efficient and …. faster. I think this thought will motivate me to do my core stuff more than images of a flat tummy have been able to.

If you’re a skinny-fast runner and you catch me watching your hips around the track in the next little while, forgive me. I’m just trying to learn from your form, eh?


  1. Heh, heh. I’d just love to hear you explaining that to some guys at the track. 😀

  2. Yea, I’m with Jon. But I do think there’s something to this chi running. I’m working on it, too, though the “lean” sometimes makes me go faster than I want to. Oh, that’s the idea, isn’t it?? Ha.

  3. Admit it Karen *wink*…I do. It’s the spandex. Tis why I will never be totally fast. I like the view from behind… 🙂


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