Posted by: Karen | December 31, 2004

That wasn’t so bad

If the Pink Lady can do it, well, I can too. And it wasn’t that cold out there this afternoon. Only -21C and an itty bitty breeze.

I warmed up (and procrastinated) by picking up toys in the basement, and going up and down the stairs a zillion times. Finally I realized I wasn’t going to get out there until I put on the layers and stepped out the door, so I did just that.

I set my watch to time myself for the 5k Challenge that silly me signed up for, and took off at a brisk pace. Only a Serious Runner would sign up for a 5k challenge that finishes over December! I figured right away that I wouldn’t beat my benchmark time, because I was running on an inch of shifty snow, and I was running on the cleanest part of the road. I found a great rhythm though, and I could hear it. The colder it gets, the louder sounds seem outside. My feet had a definite rhythm that sounded like squidgy idgy idgy igdy, squidgy idgy idgy idgy.

By 10 minutes I was absolutely warmed up, and wondered why I had put on so many layers. At 12 minutes I took off the ear warmers I’d put on over my toque. At 20 minutes I put them back on again, because I had turned to face the breeze. At 24 minutes I contemplated really pushing the last 1.2ish km in, but decided for my safety to just keep a reasonable pace and save the heroics for a day with better footing.

33:04 still isn’t too shabby considering the conditions. Must admit, I really did enjoy it!



  1. Yeah! Good for you for getting it done. Hmmm not sure today will be a good day for me to do mine. Maybe tomorrow.


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