Posted by: Karen | December 30, 2004

Maybe Not Tonight

Yeah, I should have gone for my run earlier in the day, in the sunshine and -16C/3F temps, but I didn’t.

I went exchange shopping instead. I exchanged the really-nice-velvety-black-very-tasteful-pants-with-the-big-bottom for a pair that fit my flat drop-seat. Not exactly the same style and a little less expensive, but now I have a great pair of dress pants I’ll wear a lot, and a store credit for $10. Why is it that “petite” pants seem to think that women with short legs have bigger bottoms than those with longer legs? I’ve decided I’m not “petite”. I’m normal with short legs.

Still no running content here.

Now my digital outdoor thermometer reads -19.8C/-3.6F, and it’s snowing, windy and dark. I’m cooking up a nice pot of chili and thinking I’m not going running tonight. I’ve run in these temps before, and I’ll probably do it tomorrow in the daylight, but I don’t have to go tonight. I’ll work up a little courage first.

In the meantime, there might be a lot of things in the basement that need to be brought upstairs, one at a time. There are a lot of things upstairs that probably need to be brought downstairs, too. One at a time. in a hurry. by me.


  1. Ok, here’s the problem I have with your posts: You are always cooking yummy food and telling us about it when I’m really hungry. Then I go up stairs and pull out everything in the fridge and eat it. I never have anything as good in my fridge so I end up eat more than I should, hoping it will make up for it. It doesn’t.

    Homemade chili? I have cold chicken and canned beans. And chocolate.


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