Posted by: Karen | December 27, 2004

Review of My 2004 Goals

Here were my Goals and some Results for 2004:

1. Finish all of the 8ks (5 in 2004) in the Grand Prix 03/04 series, for an Iron Person award (they don’t care how slowly you do them, as long as you do ALL of them). And since I am on quite a roll this season so far, I’d like to do them all in under an hour, hovering around 58 minutes or less.

*-* Result: I did finish them all and receive an Iron Person medal, but the speed part was harder to manage. I raced 2 out of 9 8k races in 1:03 and 1:09, but my overall average for the 9 was 58.9 minutes, and a mean of 57.96 minutes. I’m quite pleased with this. Last year I let my 10 mile long runs lapse in the first part of the year, and I think that’s where I lost the stamina needed for those slower races. I can think of a way to possibly improve here.

2. Start periodized speed and strength training in January and keep it up through the spring and summer. Do 10k races in March (maybe), April, May, June and July. Better my time in the Robert Hamilton 10 miler in August and the Moose Mountain 10 mile XC in September. If I haven’t succeeded at breaking that 59:59 by July I might have to work in a 10k in the fall (a very high probability).

*-* Result: I did some speedwork and made myself do hill workouts. My April 10k was cancelled this year, but I did race the other 10ks, and even added in two more in September and November. I bettered my RH 10 mi time by 10 whole minutes, and refrained from running the Moose Mountain race in order to fit in the September 10k. Came SO close to my 59:59 goal at 1:00:28!

I have made this 10k time goal every year for 3 years previous, and never come closer than 1:08. This year’s progress was an eyebrow raiser for me! I really did not have much faith in myself when I made this goal yet again, and almost didn’t write it down. Woohoo!

3. Figure out how to cycle to and from work on ice. When my route is dry, ride bike to and from work once or maybe twice a week.

*-* Technically, I did ride my bike to and from work on ice once or twice. I might have even ridden it to work once or twice in one non-icy week at one point, but it never did become a regular habit. Riding for an 50 minutes mostly up steep hills after work was just a very difficult habit to maintain.

I did feel a definite benefit to my running from the cycling, and really enjoyed some of my other cycling adventures, so I’ll try and re-integrate it back into my life again this year, in a different way.

4. It wouldn’t hurt if I could lose 10 pounds in the process.

*-* Nope,didn’t happen. But I’m okay with it.

5. It would help if I could do all this without injuring myself.

*-* I did deal with some mild plantar faciatus in July, my highest mileage month, but I seem to have conquered it 🙂

So, there are some of my last year’s goals and accomplishments. Now the hard part, to decide upon some challenging, yet measurable and possible goals for 2005.



  1. I’m so impressed with your review of your 2004 goals, and how you stacked up against them. That’s so wonderful to see. I’m so goal-focused right now that it’s silly, so thanks for sharing yours!


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