Posted by: Karen | December 27, 2004

Personal Training Goals for 2005

One of my motivational mantras is about keeping focused on my prioritized goals, as follows, “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing” – Stephen Covey. My ultimate, lifetime running goal is to maintain my health and motivation long enough to win running age group awards in the 90+ category. This goal will take me at least 52 years to reach, given my present age.

Keeping the above in mind, here are my much shorter-term personal goals for 2005:

1. Maintain a long-run habit of a minimum of 10 miles once every 2-3 weeks all year, with the exception of perhaps one step-back month yet to be determined. More frequent minimum 10 mile runs are not out of the question, in light of Goals #3 and #4.

2. Smash through my 59:59 10k goal in a certified-distance 10k race. I will plan ahead and work the plan, and the plan will involve regular hills and speed repeats. I will train diligently for and race in at least one, maybe two March 10ks (Frozen Nose & Toes & St. Patrick’s Day). I’ll also race the usual Mother’s Day 10k and probably a June one as well. Other 10ks to be added as necessary.

3. Other Race Distances: Depending on how my 10k training goes, also train for a half *M*. Which half *M* is yet to be determined. I will race the 15 km part of the Gasparilla Classic as part of the Chick-a-Fil relay in Tampa, Florida in February. I will race either the Robert Hamilton 10 miler in August or the Moose Mountain 10 miler in September.

4. Depending on when I achieve Goal #2, commence training for a local road (not trail) *M* and complete it. Do the aforementioned upright and smiling, on the same day, without seriously injuring myself.

5. I will ride my bike for a minimum of 10 miles at least once a week and maybe more frequently beginning in May, as soon as the mondo snow storms subside.

6. I will read the G.I. Diet book and think seriously about cutting down on my sugar levels, right after I finish all of the chocolate I received for Christmas. (so… sometime around March?) I will motivate myself to strengthen on my abdominal and upper body muscles. Results of this will be measured by my eventual need to buy Size 10 pants and sleeveless shirts.

I think this is definitely quite enough.

I think I also need to look at some goals in regards to my volunteer contributions, and other life goals of course, but here are my training goals.

Some of these goals are just dreaming, but look what “just dreaming” got me last year!



  1. Wow, I’m impressed. In fact, I’m going to outline mine, too. There’s something about putting it in writing–and what fun to look back at last year’s goals and see how well you did. Congratulations!!

  2. Way to go girl. You’ve inspired me to go the distance and set some running goals as well as personal ones.

  3. Yes, that’s a serious pile of goals. Given your level of determination, I’m pretty sure you’ll hit them this year. Goals are a beautiful thing. Somewhere I read about a study where they found that only 5% of the incoming freshman to Harvard (or some such big name school) had clearly defined goals for their education. 10 years after graduation, the combined income of that 5% was greater than the combined income of the combined income of the other 95% of the class. Goals work!

  4. I think the thing that makes goals work for me is not only having them clearly defined and measurable, but they need to be just a little beyond what I’ve already done. If they’re too much of a stretch, they’re overwhelming and annoying. If I believe I can, even though I haven’t accomplished it yet, it’s a good goal.

    Another thing I have learned from setting goals is that I need to be flexible and forgiving with them. I can’t beat myself up over them if they don’t work; they are tools, not torture devices.

  5. About the sugar. Early 2003, my son went on a drastic diet to help his terrible digestion. Out of solidarity, I partly joined him: no cookies, no sweets, no added sugar. First 2 weeks were not easy. Whenever I felt like something sweet, I gulped down lots of tea, or ate an apple or some nuts. My taste buds have changed and I have lost more than 5 kilos since. Also, I feel much better, younger, more energy, so that running is better. Go for it, you’ll feel so much better!!!

  6. Great goals! I haven’t decided mine yet. I was too busy accomplishing 2004 goals to think ahead!
    I might just steal some of yours.

  7. Ok…I will get around to mine this week. I finally caught up on my other blogging. *Darn cold*. Might even do a run tomorrow.

  8. […] Here are my goals and your comments from last year. The following is my reaction to how I did (the points I’m giving myself are kind of arbitrary, like in the theatre-sports type show Who’s Line is it Anyway. […]


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