Posted by: Karen | December 26, 2004

Christmas Run

I did get out for a run on Christmas Day, and it was a lovely run – and day – indeed!

A belated Merry Christmas to everyone! I meant to post this wish to you all earlier, but Life comes before Blog with me.

The day began with the Little Miss waking up at the very decent hour of 7 ish, and we all went down to open the stockings Santa had left for us. I was very blessed with lots of things, but for running I received a new sports watch strap (much needed) and some behind-the-head ear warmers – neat! I cut up some koloch and made it into a pile of french toast. We all ate a token amount and then retreated back to open our presents one-by-one.

After cutting the toys out of their packages and testing all of them quite thoroughly (this is always the best part), we chatted by phone and e-mail with family and friends, to thank them for their thoughtfulness. I had a bit more chocolate and started work on turkey dinner.

Once I had the bird stuffed and roasting, potatoes and carrots peeled and ready to cook, I sat down for a quick pre-run snack of peanut butter on cold koloch french toast and a glass of eggnog. I should have that for a pre-run snack more often!

I did a quick 7 km on my flat, easy, out-and-back route on a very thin layer of snow. It was lightly snowing, the temp. hovering around freezing, and the sky was all grey. I was even blessed with the wind coming from the East, so I could feel the itty bitty tingles from the snow flakes on my face as I ran out, and then I was a little warmer on the way back home. It was a good, fast run. I stopped a couple of times for lights or a one minute walk break, but most of the run I marvelled at how great I felt.

I really liked using my new ear-warmers. I was able to wear my running cap with the bill to keep the snowflakes off my glasses, but still keep my ears warm.

I would have run 10k, but our convection oven cooks turkeys pretty fast, and I’d forgotten to tell anyone to baste the bird. It was not a big bird, as it was only the four of us (our guests had cancelled – not feeling well), and I barely made it home in time to shower before preparing the rest of dinner.

It is a very good thing I got out for the run yesterday, as today we’ve got large snowdrifts, it’s still snowing, and it’s -17C/1.4F out there, with a windchill of -28C/18.4F.

Maybe we’ll have a little lefse (Norwegian thing – I’ll blog on that another time) and play some Settlers of Catan, instead of driving to the mountains for snowshoeing as we had planned for today.



  1. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! I can’t wait for the day I can say a quick, easy 7K:) I did my 3 miles, though, and tomorrow is another day. Enjoy the snowdrifts….a good rest day.

  2. Ouch – that’s cold! And I’m so glad that life comes before blog, and hope that it always will – and that no matter how cool your blog is, your life is always nicer to boot.

    Now go run that extra 3k! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the boot out the door, Richard! I just dropped my kids off at the toboggan hill and slogged 3km through foot-deep drifts in sunshine and 4C/39F. It was just what I needed.

  4. Merry Christmas. No run for me, I has a miserable cold. Hoping I can get out on Wednesday.


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