Posted by: Karen | December 18, 2004

XC Report Trailer

Full report to come later, when I get the pics up-loaded. Short story: The course was nice and dry, with lots of dirt trails and not as much ice as last year. We also had sunshine and no snowdrifts to hoof thr0ugh. I felt very sluggish towards the end, as my lack of training definitely showed through, but I had a GREAT crowd of Roadrunners cheering me to the finish!

I was not being competitive today at all, and had no qualms about stopping to take pictures or re-tie my shoelaces. It was a nice day and I knew the volunteers wouldn’t mind being out there that long.

I originally thought I was the last in, but I think I beat a couple of 70 year old men.



  1. Sounds like a good race. Did you run in the Yaktrax?

  2. Sometimes it’s a MAJOR coup to beat those 70-year-old men! You don’t reach 70 as a runner and not MEAN IT!!! LOL!

    *jeanne who is always proud to be able to 82-year-old Walt…when she can*


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