Posted by: Karen | December 17, 2004

The Break is OVER

I had planned on taking a little step-back in my training over December, but it’s SO over now. I was going to keep the long runs a minimum of 10k and still get out there 3x a week. Well, I’ve been barely getting out twice per week, my longest run has been 7 km, and I am going insane.

I need to move more to feel better mentally and physically. September through November were my best-feeling running months ever in my life, and I need to get back that mileage (almost 100km/month). My body liked it. I liked it that I could run 10k without feeling tired. I liked it that I could run 10 miles every couple of weeks and feel that sense of accomplishment. I liked the routine of getting out in the running shoes regularly.

Christmas preparations are moving right along, but I have been experiencing some stress due to procrastinator-boy’s homework panics thrown into the mix. I really need the runs to help me let go of the stress. Besides, it is way too warm this week NOT to run (Canadian speaking).

Last night, even though I had groceries to re-package, laundry to do, fudge to make and presents that HAD to be wrapped for giving TODAY, I got out for a 5k run in the middle of it all. It was 6C/42.8F and there was an incredible Chinook wind blowing from the SW and I didn’t even need my mitts going out. I safety pinned them to my fleece and even ended up taking off the fleece after a km.

On the way back the wind whistled loudly all the way through my head until the tunnel connecting my ears felt raw. I put on the mitts mostly to keep my hands from drying out. I really need to keep more lotion going this time of year. I was able to pull my cap down on my head and just focus on the sidewalk a couple of meters ahead of me. It felt good not to be distracted by cars or lights, just focus on keeping the form and breathing steady and efficient. No thinking about anything else. Just Run, eh?

I would have gone further than 5k, but I have an 8k XC race Saturday, and didn’t want to overdo it before that. I’m not recovering from runs as easily as I was a month ago.

In the last km I got hungry and the image of peanut butter toast with banana sprang into my mind. It was a wonderful post-run snack.


  1. oh. hit me where it hurts. peanut butter and banana sammiches. wow…God’s gift to runners. i KNOW what i’m having for lunch!

  2. LOL! I’ve had similar food images spring into my head while running. 😀

  3. I LOVES me the PB & B sandwich. MMMM. I usually have one even before I clean up, and then another after my shower. Yummy! Haven’t tried it on toast, though. An experiment!

  4. Good luck on your race tomorrow!

  5. I have never had visions of food while running. Water, yes. Food no. But after the run? I can empty the refrigerator. And I LOVE peanut butter and banana sandwiches:) yes, good luck tomorrow

  6. Karen: Always motivated by reading your blog. Down here in Indiana, that would be SOOOO cold! Every time I think it’s cold here, I think to myself, “In Canada, this would be a warm day!” Ha! Ha! Have a good one…Kirsten


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