Posted by: Karen | December 12, 2004

Detox Run & Pedicure Party

Last night we dropped off the kiddos at their grandparents’ and went to Hubby’s wine making guild’s Christmas gathering. We sampled hors d’oevres and wines, even some cinnamon schnapps, and didn’t make it home until after 1 a.m. I only tried 3 kinds of red wine, a drop of the schnapps and a thimble-full of ice wine in 5 hours, but knew that this morning’s run would be a challenge. I like red wine, but it gets into my muscles somehow.

This morning I wasn’t very hungry for breakfast, but managed a little bit. I drank lots of water, picked up the munchkins from the family, and headed out into a beautiful sunny day. Late-morning sun reflected off the snow-capped Rockies, and I sailed downhill from my suburbian plateau. The way back up was not as pretty, as my legs did not want to work very hard, but I managed to find some semblance of a rhythm and made it back home. I kept the run short, close to 5.5 km, as I had some other things I was looking forward to.

I quickly assembled some beef stew in the slow-cooker, had a quick shower, and popped over to the Pink Lady’s for our annual Christmas Penguin Pedicure Party. Every year the Calgary Penguins have a few munchies and a good visit while soaking our toesies and taking care of some very important running body parts.

We also had a great gift swap, in which I managed to score a whole box of Purdy’s Hedgehogs. Lucky me!

Pictures to follow later. Now it’s time to settle in for the Survivor Vanuatu Finale.



  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmm Purdy’s chocolate….heh wait, maybe you should cross file this under Shameless Product Placement. Also I can’t figure out how my blog which I just posted like 5 minutes ago has an hour ealier time than yours. Bet you raced home to try and beat me to blog…lol.

  2. sounds like a great weekend — I’m jealous of the pedi party — lord knows I need that today!

  3. Sounds like a good run and a fun weekend. You have to finish your run uphill? Well, that will build the hill muscles won’t it? 🙂

    And I think Pink Lady needs to adjust her time zone (unless she does it to beat you to blogging 🙂 )

  4. Now that sounds like a good time- all of it! Running after drinking wine is a killer, isn’t it?

  5. karen: I’m jealous that you have family babysitters so close by. Smile. Actually, my hubby and I had a date the other night–every so often, it’s good to be out without the little ones, isn’t it? Enjoy your blog…some similarities to my own life, except that you’re a few years younger than me…!! Kirsten


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